China Cities –
Demographic Profile and Forecasts


Province Capitals or Special Economic Zones (34) and Prefecture Capitals (250)

Demographics influence consumption – so understanding the changing pattern of the demographics of a city provides good insights into the absolute value of the consumer market and how consumption patterns might change over time.

This report gives you a logical analytical basis for the amount of, and projected trend in, consumer expenditure for each city by income segment.

Each page contains a table showing the core data for the selected years and also a chart of that same data so trends can be easily seen.

This report series is structured in the same format for all countries and regions and is as follows:


  1. City synopsis
  2. City rank on key variables
  3. Projected growth rates of key variables
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Population Dynamics
  6. Population Age Profile
  7. Birth Dynamics
  8. Death Dynamics
  9. Housing
  10. Education
  11. Employment
  12. Productivity
  13. GDP
  14. Household Incomes (Real US$ 2018 values)
  15. Distribution of Households by Income (ALL)
  16. Distribution of Households by Income (Urban households)
  17. Propensity to spend by Category by Income Segment (Urban Households)
  18. Amount (US$) spent by Category by Income Segment (Urban Households)
  19. Income Segment’s share of total urban household Expenditure
  20. Healthcare Expenditure (Real US$ 2018 values)
  21. Healthiness of the Country
  22. Copyright
  23. Methodology


Expenditure Categories used are:

    Food and Non-alcoholic beverages; Tobacco and Alcohol; Clothing and footwear; Residence (mortgage/rent/utilities/rates etc.); Household operations including daily use items; Health; Transport; Communications; Recreation; Education; Personal Care and Other general expenditure.


Gross Household Income breaks used are:

    0 – US$10,000 – US$20,000 – US$50,000 – US$125,000 – Plus



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