Demographics Database

Global Demographics has a comprehensive database of demographic and socio-economic (Household income and expenditure) variables ranging from 1994 to 2017/18 for actual data and projected to 2037 for each country or region covered.

Our algorithms for preparing and analyzing the data and making forecasts are quite robust having been built over the last 20 years.


A full list of the variables currently included in the database is available at this page link. Do note that In the case of China for many variables the data is also available for each of the urban and rural populations.




We can provide bespoke analysis in terms of

1. age groupings (e.g. 0-7 yrs; 8-12 yrs etc) – with a maximum of 17 groups

2. Household income segments:

  • There can be a maximum of 14 segments
  • They can be any steps size, or deciles or quintiles based on a specific country/province/city
  • The expenditure patterns are recalculated within the redefined income breaks

Estimates of Life stage segments (e.g. persons aged 30 to 39 with at least one child under 9 years, etc)

Estimates of Age by household income.segments and how they will change in size over a defined time period.

Market Segment size for a specific expenditure category. For example, total spending on Clothing and footwear by households with an income over US$100,000 by country/province/city; The number of such households; and how both variables (value and number of persons) can be expected to change over the next decade.

Scenario Analysis – for example what would happen to total GDP growth of the female participation rate in the workforce increased in a particular country.


Please contact at with your request and we will revert with a time line and costing. Simple reformatting the database to specific age or income segments can typically be done within 24 hours




Payment for bespoke work is typically 50% on commissioning and the balance of delivery and acceptance.

Payment can be by electronic transfer or credit card

All credit card payments are securely processed by Stripe. with any credit or debit card. We are fully PCI compliant to the highest standard of Level 1. Our website operates full SSL encryption.


Regions Covered


106 Countries, 31 Provinces and 611 major cities of China. Note the database is available for any county (village or township) in China on request. For a listing of the China cities available now please go to the ‘Coverage’ page.


For bespoke analysis please complete the form below giving an outline of the type of information you would like to get, countries covered and time period covered and we will respond within 24 hours with a quote and time line.